Yes! Sassy and safe can happen!

If you think this post is about shoes, think again my friend. With February being heart health month, you are getting warmer, especially the red part. 


Okay, you give? 


But first, how could these hot red shoes relate to bathtub styles? 


Bet you are rolling your eyes by now for sure. But I know that there are some of you out there that know me and my never ending soapbox on being BoomerSmart. Or being just plain ole smart IN OUR LIFESTYLES AND IN OUR HOMES. Therefore you go to the head of the class because you already figured it out.  


An example of not being BoomerSmart. These sexy heels are sassy but not safe for this Boomer lady. At least for walking … 🙂



Let’s start with the shoes. Oh man, oh man, do I ever miss wearing these sexy higher heels. This look is so fine and legs look even finer in high heels that, no pun intended, having to come down to a lower heel is for me, a very tough concession to aging smart and aging gracefully.  


Years ago I did a post titled, “No Ruth Buzzi Shoes for Me!” Well, the hunt has been on ever since to find flattering, fun, sassy and COMFORTABLE shoes. I may be a proud grandmother of 9, but here’s one Mimi that is vowing to not wear grandma-looking shoes! 


Now we’re talking sassy and safe and might I add so COMFORTABLE!



Fortunately, here in Wichita, Kansas, we do have some wonderful options for kicky, comfy shoes. One of my favorite places to shop is Aspen Traders. The owner, Monica, is a sleuth on finding the coolest of all things, including these awesome red shoes that I was not leaving her shop without. They are from Fly London (this is not a sponsored post FYI) and these red beauties are my third pair. Never have I put on a boot or a shoe that I could wear for walking literally miles and miles at High Point Market and not be in pain. 


Here I am at a Dallas showroom, Schumacher’s to be exact. I was giving CEUs and staying with the uber talented and beautiful Pam Kelley. So while at the Dallas Design District, we simply had to do our designer thing. I had stood or walked with these Fly London shoes for two days with no foot issues, seriously!



Now here is the connecting of the dots between stylish shoes and stylish bathtubs. And you guessed by now, also the connection between safe shoes and safe bathtubs. 


To my BoomerSmarts brain, having a healthy lifestyle mindset applies to bathroom health as well as to heart health. Health is health, right? What good is it to exercise, eat healthy for heart health, but fall getting out of your bathtub often to very serious consequences?? 


Now I totally love this stunning bathroom (featured on, kudos to the designer for creating a lovely oasis: But for my Boomers, I look at the smooth hard surfaces with wet body with probably wet flooring. Nothing but slip and slide come to my mind.



Becoming equipped with the knowledge of how to live a healthier lifestyle for heart disease prevention gives us a better chance of living life free of the myriad of issues that come with heart disease. 


Likewise, becoming equipped with the knowledge of how to live a safer lifestyle in our bathrooms gives us a better chance of preventing a fall free of the myriad of issues that come with bathroom falls. 


To help, here’s a video from my archives that reveals the dangers lurking in your bathtub:



Again, a stunning bathroom design with all hard surfaces which will become slippery when wet. This lovely master bath (designed by Suzanne Kasler) would be safer with a handrail along the side wall. There are so many gorgeous ones out now. See my Pinterest board of barrier-free bathrooms and products for more examples. 



On trend and very high style without a doubt is this bathroom (featured on by Quartersawn Design Build) with credit to the designer’s fine work. However this floating tub is more of the same concern for my Boomers. When a fall happens here, what is there to break the fall or prevent it in the first place?



Love this bathtub alcove from designer Shannon Connor incorporating a ledge for ease in getting in and out of the tub. Sidewalls could easily install a handrail. 



One of my Boomer client’s total home remodel included this fabulous master bathroom suite with fabulous tub that is safe and sexy. Note the handrail. The small table was only placed for staging, not for “real life.”



Another beautiful bath tub nestled in an intimate setting (designed by Designing on the Side). Beautiful too because a simple handrail on side wall would give it an A+ for ageless and aging in place hip Boomers.



My late dad used to say often, “Without your health, you have nothing.” This post is dedicated to all my beloved Boomers to encourage, motivate and hopefully at least educate in order to be equipped with the knowledge that leads to wisdom that leads to the holy grail of understanding, wise aging. 


It all starts with knowledge. Knowledge gives us power to make better informed choices. Add to knowledge is wisdom of what to do with that knowledge and viola; understanding is reached. And this is where the real power lies in connecting the dots. It is to live forward enlightened, equipped, and empowered not detoured by wrong decisions in our homes. The reward is indisputable better for those that avoid the pitfalls of beauty before function and safety.


Now, get your BoomerSmart mindset to work!  Only you can make the smart choices for   your living in your Boomer Power for many years ahead simply because  you so deserve it!


I truly believe  these next years for us Boomers can be the best years for us Boomers by thinking and preparing for our futures now.



Living and loving life together,





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