DIY: How to Build a Pergola

Sanctuary spaces and outdoor living spaces are a necessity to boomer life. Just imagine yourself unwinding in a quiet, peaceful area while taking in the sounds of nature and fresh air. To create a more shaded area at our home, “Cypress,” Bob-Bob and I designed and built a pergola off our back porch. You’ll never guess how easy it was.

Here are some easy tips to DIY your own shaded outdoor space for unwinding.

  1. Locate the 4×6 support posts and cement them in the ground.
  2. Mount 2×6 beams across the top for support.
  3. Position and mount the boards across the top.
  4. Use sand to drain water away from the house before laying down the brick patio.

Bob-Bob the builder’s tip: Use normal wood lengths to eliminate waste.

See how our pergola is coming together:

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