DIY: How to Build a Pergola

Sanctuary spaces and outdoor living spaces are a necessity to Boomer life. Just imagine yourself unwinding in a quiet, peaceful area while taking in the sounds of nature and fresh air. To create a more shaded area at Cypress, Bob-Bob and I designed and built a pergola off our back porch. You’ll never guess how easy it was.

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Pretty Is As Pretty Does

Is any fall pretty? Well of course not, you all are thinking! And yet in my interior designer’s eyes, I see so many bathrooms that are indeed the perfect recipe for a fall. Even in new remodels and new construction I still am constantly observing major risk potentials. Continue reading

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Four Elements for An Awesome Tablescape

Summer is such a fun time to entertain guests, so why not think outside of the box on your next tablescape? Creating a tablescape isn’t about being “matchy-matchy” or stressing over having the finest linens and china. Try focusing on these four elements to create a more meaningful experience that reflects the season, or your personality and interests.

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Eight Steps to a Better You!

For so many of us, it’s the same song, different verse: “I need to get this weight off! I don’t have time to cook! It’s only me or me and my partner/husband! When I get home, I am way too tired to think about cooking! I have no idea what to cook that’s fast, healthy, and tasty!”

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Cool Ways to Live Outdoors This Summer

The busier and crazier our lives get, the more we value and down time outside and out of our homes. Continue reading

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