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How Can I Best Serve You?

Interior Design

Consultations by the hour or project for:

  • Kitchen or Bath Remodel
  • Entire Home Upgrades
  • Evaluation Floor Plans
  • Assessing a Remodel Versus Relocating

Your needs ARE my design services.


I believe my purpose and I know my passion is to help the 50+ live the ageless and chic life in their homes and lifestyles.

To that end, it is my pleasure to announce my new & exciting BoomerSmarts workshop series:

Living the Vibrant and Chic Life After 50


Paint color dilemmas, downsizing, empty nest, DIY questions, remodeling questions, contemplating a move or stay put?

Mistakes are costly! Hire me to save you time, money and peace of mine.

Speaking & CEUs

  • Housing Trends
  • Homes of the Future
  • Ageless Design
  • Millennials and Boomers Similarities & Differences
  • And Much More